Roscommon Eyes Return to Playoff Form in 2016

ROSCOMMON – After consecutive losing seasons, the Roscommon football program is looking to get back to playoff form in 2016.

A Week 9 loss to Houghton Lake on the final play of the game separated Roscommon from a winning record and a chance at a postseason bid for the first time since 2012. 

The Bucks ranked second only to Sanford Meridian in scoring offense (274 points) in the Jack Pine Conference last season and finished tied for fourth with Clare in scoring defense (244).   

“This year we’ve gone back to doing a lot more fundamentals than we had in the past,” coach Steve Clements said. “We’re really focusing on getting back the fundamentals and doing each individual responsibility.

“You know, we scored 32 points a game last year on offense, but we gave up 33. So our focus this year is to get better on D, and continue what to build on what we did on offense last year.”

Roscommon opens its season by hosting Grayling on Aug. 25. The Bucks then travel to Mio on Sept. 1 to conclude non-conference play.

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