Mesick Football Drops to 8-man

MESICK – Mesick has announced that its football program will drop down to 8-man for the 2017 season, after recording its fifth 1-8 record over the last six years.

The Bulldogs decision comes after many years of discussion and studying other area schools’ transitions. Athletic Director Rene LaFreniere says he hopes the move will level the playing field for Mesick student athletes.

“If we can put kids in a position where they can have success, or where they feel like they have a chance at success, that’s a good thing,” LaFreniere explained. “We want this to be a positive thing.  It is a positive thing. Talking to the kids right away, and giving them the facts, so that they’re armed with the facts. So, when somebody asks them, they can give an educated response to where we’re going.

Mesick is one of 16 area schools to drop to the 8-man level in recent years. The Bulldogs will open their 2017 campaign against another new 8-man program, Central Lake. The new league they’ll compete in has yet to be determined.

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