Miller: Sign of the Times

When working for a news organization, we occasionally hear the criticism that we “only cover the bad news.”

And while goodness knows that there are a lot of terrible stories to be reported upon, both at home and overseas, that is NOT the only type of story that we report. I was reminded of that the other afternoon when I made a four-hour round trip to visit with a pair of standout high school athletes that were signing national letters of intent to pursue their athletic futures in college next fall.

The NLI signing story is the epitome of a “good news” story. The athletes get an opportunity to celebrate an important achievement in their careers, and a recognition of their dedication, hard work and talent.  They’re frequently joined by family, teammates, friends, and coaches, all of whom have had a hand in the development of the players signing on the dotted line. 

It seems like this is becoming a more and more common phenomena in our area, with local athletes earning a chance to prove themselves against some of the best competition in the country. It always brings me a small measure of joy to see one of our local products, someone I got the chance to cover when they were still learning the game, excel in college events. They represent our little corner of paradise, and they frequently do it quite well.

While most won’t then make the jump from college to the professional ranks, an exceedingly difficult move to make, they will still be blessed with the opportunity to earn a college degree, at little or no cost to them and their parents. In this day and age, that is no small value.

I found both athletes (Gaylord’s Dominic LaJoie & Inland Lakes’ Cloe Mallory) very aware of the legacy they’re leaving behind at their respective schools, and with their respective programs. Both spoke excitedly about the opportunity to motivate and influence younger generations of athletes, and blaze a trail for them, showing what is capable with a little bit of hard work and dedication. And that’s a lesson that all college students should learn.

It’s the kind of story that makes you proud to report the “good news.”

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