Champlin Embraces Challenges As Pitching Coach

TRAVERSE CITY — Kramer Champlin has cemented his place in Beach Bums’ history, helping lead the organization to a championship two years ago and pitching the team’s first no-hitter last season.

This year, the pitcher has added a new role as the pitching coach.

“It’s pretty stressful because I want them to do well,” Champlin said. “When you’re just playing, without coaching, you kinda just do your thing, and hopefully the team wins, you know? But as the pitching coach, I feel responsible for everybody and how they do.”

Traverse City ranks seventh the Frontier League in earned runs allowed this season with 285. However, the team has demonstrated control with their pitches, ranked third in walks and first in wild pitches. That has improved with communication on and off the field.

“Being able to pick his brain, from when I was a rookie, just coming in, and soaking up his knowledge, and from the game-calling aspect, and how to handle pitchers, and what he brings to the table is fundamental to everybody, and it helps us out incredibly,” Beach Bums catcher Kendall Patrick said.

Champlin is currently tied for third in the league with six wins this year, with his most recent win coming on Thursday in a 4-3 victory over Normal.