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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 12

Last week I talked about how bad the garden was looking, so I removed all the broccoli plants and I really trimmed back the zucchini a lot. There was some nasty blight going on and is still going on in some spots.

I showed you the carrots last week and they are not looking good. I brought back Justin Morgan from to talk about what we can do with this garden, what we have with it and make it a whole lot better.

Justin recommends their product called “Healthy Garden.” It’s safe for kids, pets and animals. All you do is shake it around, like, any carrots you have left that you want to give some love to. Then all you want to do is use a hand rake, rake it in and water it in. All that’s going to do is give that nutrient, or that soil, that carrot nutrient to continue to grow.  He says to sprinkle it like you are feeding chickens, you wouldn’t bury it in here, but you scratch it in.

That’s a good short term fix but what about next year? What’s a good thing to work with?

This time Justin recommends Dairy Doo this fall. It would break down the roots and give some biology back into the soil for next year’s crops.

I’m hoping to see more zucchini and I’m really hoping the carrots grow a bit more, because they are pretty pitiful. So we’ll wait and see!

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