Gaylord Welcomes in New Coach in 2017

GAYLORD – After narrowly missing a playoff berth a season ago, the Gaylord football program is back on the gridiron with a new coach and a new motto.

First-year coach Brant Wilson is excited to take what he learned from former coach Will Cleaver and make it his own.

Gaylord’s main focus this year isn’t simply to win games, it’s to win each individual day in order to achieve their goals as a program.

“We’ve made a huge push this year with our kids to not focus on what we want to accomplish but how we are going to go about accomplishing those things,” Wilson said. “We’re really focusing on just winning today. Winning today’s practice, winning today mentally and physically and just doing the things we need to do to accomplish those goals rather than focusing on what we are going to accomplish.”

The Blue Devils are just a year removed from making its first playoff appearance since 2007.

“Every day you go in, and you want to win today, you want to be your best self that day, every day,” senior Charlie May said.

Gaylord welcomes in Lansing Sexton on Friday, Aug. 25.

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