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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 13

Last week we were talking about how to keep this garden going and hoping for a bit more warmth, but we really haven’t had it.

Here’s what we’ve gotten so far. It has not been the best overall. Let’s call the carrots baby carrots, because it’s pretty pitiful. They’re not looking so good.

We’ve got some tomatoes. The peppers look OK, and the zucchini looking fine.

Most of the plants are done, but we still have some small tomatoes.

Most of the vegetable garden is about done now, so we’re going to focus on the colors of the garden. I’m talking about the flowers.

Right now, they are still OK. They are a little bit darker than they should be, not as vibrant. But next week we’ll talk about what you can plant in the garden give it some color until that first snowfall arrives across Northern Michigan.

I’ll keep a couple things in the garden like the carrots and hopefully they’ll grow more.

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