Jack Pine Announces All-Conference Football Teams

The Jack Pine Conference has announced its 2017 football all-conference teams.
Coach of the Year: Aaron Seiser – Beaverton
First Team Offense
Brenden Sersaw (End) – Clare
Kyle Stockford (End) – Sanford Meridian
Nate Taylor (End) – Beaverton
Tyler Rodenbo (End) – Clare
Brian French (Tackle) – Clare
Shawn McKinley (Tackle) – Houghton Lake
Zechariah Stickler (Guard) – Clare
Jack Boyle (Guard) – Roscommon
Bryce Lipovsky (Center) – Harrison
Jackson Blanchard (Quarterback) – Houghton Lake
Dan Breault (Running Back) – Beaverton
Hugh Brand (Running Back) – Harrison
Thomas Pastell (Running Back) – Roscommon
Aidan Boyd (Kicker) – Clare
Second Team Offense
John Steckler (End) – Houghton Lake
Robert Press (End) – Houghton Lake
Hunter Merillat (End) – Sanford Meridian
Lucas Radtke (Tackle) – Clare
Austin Musser (Tackle) – Harrison
Justin Pratt (Guard) – Roscommon
Jacob Uhl (Guard) – Beaverton
Jack Moore (Center) – Clare
Kaden Kelly (Quarterback) – Clare
Kolt Lincoln (Running Back) – Clare
Garrett Lubaski (Running Back) – Houghton Lake
Max Thomas (Running Back) – Roscommon
Dan Breault (Kicker) – Beaverton
First Team Defense
Zac Stickler (Tackle) – Clare
Shawn McKinley (Tackle) – Houghton Lake
Austin Musser (End) – Harrison
Austin Walker (End) – Houghton Lake
Eric Cassiday (Linebacker) – Beaverton
Ryan Carlstrom (Linebacker) – Harrison
Ryan Pummell (Linebacker) – Clare
Kyle Cassiday (Linebacker) – Beaverton
Nate Taylor (Secondary) – Beaverton
Tyler Rodenbo (Secondary) – Clare
Jackson Blanchard (Secondary) – Houghton Lake
Brenden Sersaw (Secondary) – Clare
Joel Coughlin (Secondary) – Sanford Meridian
Kyle Stockford (Secondary) – Gladwin
Kurtis Myers (Punter) – Gladwin
Second Team Defense
DJ Whitmer (Tackle) – Beaverton
Bryce Lipovsky (Tackle) – Harrison
Jeff Allen (End) – Clare
Blake Townsend (End) – Sanford Meridian
Jack Owens (Linebacker) – Beaverton
Kolt Lincoln (Linebacker) – Clare
Grant Lubaski (Linebacker) – Houghton Lake
Max Thomas (Linebacker) – Roscommon
Dan Breault (Secondary) – Beaverton
Tanner Punches (Secondary) – Clare
Jacob Graves (Secondary) – Farwell
Kevin McKeever (Secondary) –Gladwin
Seth Brandle (Secondary) – Houghton Lake
Joel Coughlin (Punter) – Harrison
Honorable Mention
Nick Roe (End)
Myles Williamson (Linebacker)
Mike Horbatiuk (Guard)
Justin Tickle (Secondary)
Tanner Punches (End)
Jaydon Smith (Center)
Damien Leddy (Linebacker)
Jeffrey Charlton (Linebacker)
Justin Greer (Running Back)
Jesse Fenton (Guard)
Sanford Meridian
Brett Barriger (Quarterback)
Brady Solano (Running Back, Linebacker)
Blake Townsend (Tackle)
Bailey Bates (Defensive Tackle)
Bryce Crowder (Linebacker)
Ethan Noreyko (End)
Walter Suchin (Defensive Tackle)
Brenden Coulter (Running Back, Secondary)
Ethan Holman (Tackle)
Jory Gailtis (Defensive Tackle)
Josh Freese (Center)
Zac Carpenter (Tackle)
Anthony Yonts (End)
AJ Davis (Defensive Tackle)
Jacob Graves (Punter)
Jay Thrush (Guard, Linebacker)
Hunter Turner (Quarterback)
Jake Swarthout (Defensive End)
Houghton Lake
Luckas Vick (Defensive Tackle)
Koby Werra (Center)
Cameron Fulco (Linebacker)
Patrick Branson (Guard)
Nolan Hans (End)
Cam Sidelal (Secondary)
Michael Hathaway (Tackle)
Zach Taylor (Running Back)
Deontae Balders (Running Back)
Ryley Bennett (Defensive End)
Collin Dunn (Linebacker)
Cameron Ashcroft (Secondary)
Tyler Head (Running Back)
Tyler Chasteen (Guard)
Kaleb Pepper (Secondary)
Ryan Carlstrom (End)
Cameron Austin (Center)
Grant Brandon (Tackle)
Logan Gerow (Quarterback)
Kyle Cassiday (Back)
Drew Grove (Secondary)
Dan Breault (Punter)
Seth Martin (Guard)
Seth Demoines (Linebacker)
Eric Cassiday (Running Back)

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