Petoskey Boys Eye Another State Title

For the last seven years in a row, the Petoskey boys ski program has been the best of the best.

This year, the Northmen have their eyes set on winning their eighth straight state championship. According to some of the team members, being talented on the slopes isn’t really a surprise to anyone.

“If I’m being completely honest with you, I almost think that it has kind of numbed people honestly, the school a little bit. It’s like, ‘oh the Petoskey boys won again,’ you know?” senior David Paquette said. “But I really think the community supports us a lot and they understand kind of the magnitude of what the school and this program has provided for us here to be able to make this run possible.”

In addition to the multiple team state championships, the Northmen have also had a great deal of individual state champions—23 to be exact.

“The reason I think we’ve had some good success is number one: we’ve had some good skiers and they practice hard, and I really believe that we practice the right way,” head coach Erik Lundteigen said. “When we ski our best…good things happen.”

According to the Northmen, having skiers to look up helps them to improve.

“We’ve had a lot of success, there’s a lot of good people going through the ski program. And there’s just been a lot of good influences on how I’ve developed as a skier throughout my life and through the four years of high school and I’ve just improved a ton from freshman year compared to now,” senior Riley Norton said.

In addition, Paquette credits more reasons for the Northmen’s accomplishments.

“I think it’s a multitude of factors that kind of come together here besides location, the hill, and I’d say a great coaching staff that prepares us really well. And I think also, just a few individual skiers that have been really good in the years past that you could look up to as you’re racing. It’s really great to be able to see other racers that are better than you when skiing, and that’s I think one of the best ways to get better,” he said.

But for some, the reason doesn’t matter as much as the feeling they have when hitting the slopes.

“To know that it’s me and the clock, and the rest of our team doing the same thing, so as a team, we work together to get that clock time. But when you’re at the top of the course, nobody can help you except yourself. I mean, whatever you want to do at that moment, is completely up to you,” senior Ethan Siegwart said.

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