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What’s Growing With Tom Week 1: Soil Quality

This year’s garden is going to be a bit different than last year. We’re joining up with Morgan Composting to really make our garden flourish.

In the process, you’ll receive great information on how to improve your garden, and it won’t be just be in our raised beds! This year we’ll have details on how to improve your lawn, flowers shrubs and even food plots.

This first segment is very important as it sets up what you need for your growing area. Justin Morgan from Morgan Composting recommends having soil testing done for your growing area. Morgan Composting offers soil testing, go to  for more details.

You can also buy a soil test kit at the , or stop by an extension office in your local area. Others are available online.

A soil test gives you lots of information but most importantly the type of soil you have, the pH and percent of organic matter.  Having this information helps you make a decision what type of product to use. Most of Northern Michigan has either sand or clay soil, so it does make it a little easier but the pH and organic matter are a good starting point.

Next week, we’re talking about some of the products available and what we plan on using here at 9&10 News.

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