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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 2

Temperatures are finally warming up, and spring planting is not far off!

Last week we talked about Northern Michigan soils and how you can work them to produce a healthy garden.

This week, our focus is about how will make our raised beds more productive.

Justin Morgan explains their Top Soil Blend will be our base layer, with an 8” top layer of Pro Vegetable 301. The layers are separated by newspaper because the Top Soil Blend is NOT weed free!  The newspaper will reduce the chance of any weeds growing from down below.

The Pro Vegetable 301 has 17 handcrafted products specifically made for greenhouse growers, but is available to the public in small bags. It includes Dairy Doo, kelp, isamite, worm castings and many more natural ingredients.  The castings come from their own worm farm of 2 million worms!  We expect the combination to work wonders on our beds this year.

Next week, we are at the station showing you a problem discovered in the beds and how to plant veggies in the beds in order to get great results later this summer.

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