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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 3

Soil is a very important part of a good garden, but so are other aspects, like how well it drains.

Last year we noticed our raised beds were not draining from the watering. There was a false bottom with holes, but either they became plugged or there was too much watering that caused the problem.

So, we took out the bottom and filled it with Dairy Doo Top Soil blend just as we talked about last week.

Before putting down Pro Vegetable 301, we put down newspaper as a weed barrier.  The 301 is a weed-free blend designed for greenhouse growers containing Dairy Doo, worm castings, minerals from Canada, Utah. Don’t worry about the newspaper ink growing with the vegetables – no problems are expected. If you use a fabric as a barrier, just be aware that your veggie roots may get intertwined in it.

About 8” of 301 was filled into the raised beds we plan on growing vegetables in.

Planting will hold off for a few weeks, so watering will be done naturally. If you transplant the same day, you’ll want to water it and make sure the 301 is damp at the bottom 8”.

That’s it, the bed is ready for our vegetables! If you are starting from seed, a few can be planted now, but for most veggies need to hold off for a few more weeks when the chance of frost is gone.


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