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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 5

Finally, after learning about the soil, adding fertilized soil, it’s time to plant! This week we are planting our transplants and seeds.

I picked up peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, green beans and a few others from Willow Mercantile in Cadillac.  They come in nice, small packs ready to be planted. It’s not a difficult job but it takes time.

First, we need to plan out the bed so each plant gets enough sunlight. We are organizing from west to east, tallest to shortest. Once that’s figured out all you do is gently remove the plant, break up the roots a bit, make a hole in the soil, place the plant in and fill /compress around the plant. It’s the same process for the entire bed.

Now, for those of you starting from seed the process is a bit different.  Here you make troughs in the soil, then add Seed Starter 101 as a small base. You read the seed packet to find out how deep they should be planted, how close they should be and their spacing.

Open the packet and carefully spread the seed in the trough. It’s not easy when the seed is really small. After the seed is down, spread over a layer of Seed Starter 101 to help germinate the seed.  Don’t worry about thinning them out, we’ll do that after there’s some growth.

The last thing to do is water everything in…. make sure the water gets 4-6″ down into the soil. You want to make sure the seeds and roots of our transplants don’t get dry.

That’s it for now!  Keep an eye on the bed and make sure it doesn’t get too dry and get rid of any weeds that sprout up.


Here’s bonus video of Justin and I planting flowers in the Flower Bed.

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