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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 6

Welcome back, Northern Michigan! The vegetables and flowers are planted. So while we wait for them to grow, let’s take a look at the lawn.

Here at 9&10 News, most of the lawn looks good but certainly not all of it. There are some bad patches, especially where the snow was piled up.

First Justin Morgan of suggests we put Dairy Doo on the entire lawn. Not a lot, but the lawn needs the organic matter and fertilizer.

For the abused area where the snow was, he says to put down Seed Starter 101, scratch it into the lawn, put down the grass seed, finally put down a little more seed starter to cover over the grass seed.

He also recommends over seeding the entire lawn. The goal is to have a nice thick lawn so weeds can’t grow.

Now, to put down Dairy Doo on your lawn, you can rent a spreader, use a rotary, or just throw it using a shovel.

It’s a bit of work, but it really helps build up the organic matter to help hold in the moisture.

And that’s one thing remember, this is not a quick fix you will see within a week. This is a long-term plan that will really show up later this year and in years down the road.

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