Beal City Gains Inspiration Beyond The Softball Field

BEAL CITY – Beal City softball is known for having a team that makes deep runs into the postseason, but this year it’s different.

This season, they’re playing for more than just a title.

Back in February, they had two hard hitting losses.

One of their biggest fans and supporters passed away, Coach John Davis’ father.

“My dad used to sit behind the dugout. I have a trailer I made for him that he could sit in this year, he didn’t get to sit in it. And the girls really liked to play for him this year and for me. It’s been a goal of ours,” said Coach Davis.

“He was at every game and we’d always see him out there and he was always there for us, so now we’re playing for a cause and we’re playing for him. And one of the biggest things he wanted was to beat Mt Pleasant, and we did that this year,” added senior catcher Shelby Trevino.

Then, just a few weeks after coach’s father passed away, the team received more heartbreaking news. One of their key players, Lauren Turner, was diagnosed with Lupus. And after that, she was hospitalized for six weeks and was in and out of surgeries.

She would not be able to play her senior year.

“We’re playing for Lauren too. She’s had some hospitalization and she’s gotten better now. She’s at the field with us. She’s a great game changer girl. She does a great job at stats and keeping up on the teams. She’s a good asset to the team,” Coach Davis said of Lauren.

“It’s been tough not having her here all the time because she’s someone I always go to and we’re kind of on the same page, with what’s going on,” said Trevino, who has played on varsity with Lauren since their freshmen year.

This season they decided to dedicate to Grandpa and Lauren.

“So we got shirts that said ‘playing for Grandpa, winning for Lauren’. I just think that Lauren is one of the biggest parts of this team. She’s always upbeat, she’s always happy, she’s always smiling, she’s always cheering us on. I think that since she can’t be on the field her being in the dugout and her being sick has made us appreciate everyone else on the team more than we did originally,” said senior Alli Peak.

“We’re super glad to have her back and glad to have her there so we can talk to her and she’s still part of the game,” Trevino added.

The Aggies have had a stellar season so far, and with the extra motivation, hope to make Grandpa and Lauren proud.

Their first postseason game is June 2 against Coleman.

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