Lochenheath Hosts Inaugural ‘Cherry Bomb Long Drive Tournament’

TRAVERSE CITY – Lochenheath Golf Club hosted their first ever ‘Cherry Bomb Long Drive tournament’ Friday.

A long drive tournament takes a different perspective to golf, testing the strength of the golfers and sees how far on average they can hit the ball.

Professionals in the sport came from across the country to play today. The first day consisted of 16 golfers, and it gets narrowed down to eight Saturday for the finals.

The 8 men going into tomorrow will all win some sort of cash prize, depending on where they place.

Justin Moose, the 2018 East Coast Classic Champion, participated today. “It’s a great spectacle. If you aren’t familiar it’s golf, NASCAR, and home run derby all combined. It’s beautiful. We’re going hit it over 400 yards today and it’s going to be a lot of fun,” said Moose.

Two-time World Long Drive champion Carl Wolter also is competing in the tournament. “Everyone knows the name Tiger Woods, yes he’s a great golfer. But these guys do something with a golf ball that Tiger Woods can’t do. We’re hitting golf balls over 220 miles per hour,” Wolter said.

Tour Prep Golf helped put the event on. Finals are tomorrow at 3 p.m. Admission is only $10 and all proceeds go toward the Grand Traverse Area Veterans Coalition.