13th Annual Hickory Golf Open Returns To Belvedere

CHARLEVOIX – Hickory golf is returning to northern Michigan for the 13th year.

Belvedere Golf Club will be hosting the Hickory Golf Open again starting Thursday, June 14.

The event will run through Saturday.

Hickory golf is a traditional take on the game of golf we know today.

The golfers use hickory golf clubs that were made anywhere from 1900 to 1935.

“There’s more of a feedback with the clubs, there’s more of a relationship. I always talk about it like when we were kids and used the wooden bats in spring and you’d hit the ball off the bat and it kind of stung up your arm. That’s how hickory golf is, if you don’t hit it pure, you feel it right away. But if you hit it pure, it just feels good,” said Ernie Ernst, US Hickory Selection Committee Member.

They also dress in the traditional pants, ties, caps, and matching socks of golfers from that era.

“We try to stay in the traditional garb with the traditional equipment and it’s grown and grown. We like what we do and keep coming back,” said Chuck McMullin, co-founder of Society of Hickory Golf.

For more of the traditions, events, and rules of hickory golf, you can visit the Society of Hickory Golf’s website.

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