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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 9

We’ve been going over a lot of things over the past few weeks and our vegetable are about ready to harvest, well at least the lettuce is… That’s next week.

The lawn has been through a lot with dry conditions, tons of heat and finally some rain.  Most of our lawn at Heritage House is looking good, but there are some spots and one notable area that isn’t. That’s due to the snow piling up on it over the winter. It’s coming along since we seeded and fertilized a few weeks ago.

Our goal is to make the lawn nice and thick so weeds can’t grow! But that takes time, more seed and a little more fertilizer.  Justin with says their Safe Green Lawn is perfect for what we want. It’s great for the bare spots, but also to keep the lawn nice and dark green and lush.

It’s organic and isn’t harmful to pets or kids. It’s not a chemical or salt.

So, it’s simple to spread. Just put it in the spreader, adjust the setting for your spreader and walk.  The rest is just the time to spread it over your lawn.

Now remember, this isn’t going to look great overnight. The lawn will take time to really come in nice and thick.

For those wondering about our vegetable garden, that update is coming next week!

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