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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 10

It’s been five weeks since we planted our vegetables, and the garden is in great shape!

We started the carrots, broccoli and lettuce from seed and they are all flourishing!

The only problem is I didn’t thin out the plants earlier. I wanted to make sure you could see what I did. This is something we talked about when we planted the seeds. So, now we are taking out plants so the rest can grow into large vegetables.

Everything is in great shape, but we can do even more to keep them strong.  One is using Veggie Blaster, a liquid fertilizer, delivering needed nutrients once every 7 to 14 days.  The other is spreading out Healthy Garden.  You just spread it around the base of the plants.  It helps the plants and surrounding soil.

Justin with says to watch and listen to your plants. If they are turning yellow, if you have to get on it right away.

I’ll be harvesting lettuce soon and perhaps some zucchini and green beans too.

Next week, I’ll be looking over our flower garden and showing how they look.

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