Curran: Celebrating Father’s Day with Best Father, Son Duos in Sports

As Father’s Day approaches and we find ways to honor those who have sacrificed their time and energy for us, let’s take a look at some of the best father, son duos in sports history. The four major sports have seen many father, son combos worthy of mention but I’ve narrowed it down to the three best at each of the four major sports. There were many difficult family names to leave out but in terms of impact on the sport and results, here are those sitting at the top:

1.) Dell & Steph Curry
The lights out, three-point shooting combo, the Curry’s have left a mark on the NBA. 2x MVP Steph Curry has created a dynasty in the Bay City and his father was consistently making the playoffs against teams in the league that some would argue are the best it’s seen.
Player NBA Seasons Playoff Appearances NBA Championships
Dell Curry 16 10 0
Stephen Curry 9 6 3

Stephen passed his father on the scoring list in March of 2017 at 12,670. Steph now has 14,434 and is 155th all time on the list, moving quickly.
2.) Bill & Luke Walton
What they have been able to accomplish in the NBA during their playing days may be the reason they are both still working for the NBA. Bill Walton average 13.3 points per game, 3.4 assists and 10.5 rebounds. His son, Luke, saw time as a utility player and though his numbers aren’t astonishing, he and his father both have 2 NBA titles.
3.) Rick & Brent Barry
Rick and Brent Barry were always on the radar in the NBA. Father Rick was an 8x All-Star in his 10 seasons, and hoisted a Championship trophy once. His son Brent in his 14 seasons was part of two Championship Titles. Rick led by a wide margin in the points per game at 23.2 vs. 9.3 but both found tremendous success in making teams better with leadership qualities.

1.) Gordie & Mark and Marty Howe
The list would be pages long of the accomplishments of Gordie Howe, but Gordie might say his most proud was playing alongside his kids Mark and Marty with the Hartford Whalers in his final season in 1979-80. The Red Wings Hall of Famer played in 1,767 games, scoring 801 goals (Second all-time), with 1,049 assists. Mark played 929 games and Marty 197.
2.) Bobby & Brett Hull
Father Bobby Hull became an icon in the NHL behind his 1,170 point career and his son was left to carry on his legacy. Brett did not fall shy to the challenge surpassing his father with 1,391 career points.
3.) J.P. & Zach Parise
The last name rings memories to Minnesota faithful as both have spent a good part of their careers in then the North Stars, and now Minnesota Wild jerseys. J.P. was part of the ‘Miracle on Ice’ 1980 U.S. Men’s Olympic team and his son Zach has made 11 playoff appearances in his career. Zach still honors his father wearing his North Stars gear in pre-game warmups.

1.) Matthews Family
The Matthews family tree may have the most depth within than any family has seen in a professional sport. All beginning with Clay Mathews Sr., a 4x Pro-bowler that began the Matthews legacy. Clay Matthews Jr. and son Clay Matthews III have shown glimpses of his fathers
2.) Manning Family
Although they are seen almost once a year in a hilarious commercial, the Manning families’ numbers are nothing to joke about. Together they have a combined 20 Pro Bowl appearances. Both Eli & Peyton have won two Super Bowl rings and have been known to dominate playoff games.
3.) Howie and Chris Long
Maybe a surprise pick to many, but Howie and Chris Long must be credited with their ability to win. Chris Long is coming off a Super Bowl victory with the Eagles in 2017 and his father Howie is a one-time Super Bowl winner. Though Chris has two rings, Howie is an 8x Pro Bowler and is seated in the NFL Hall of Fame.

1.) Ken Griffey Sr. & Jr.
‘The Kid’ lived up to the potential of his father and much more. Ken Griffey Jr. has out the door numbers as he won the Gold Glove Award 10 times, Silver Slugger 7 times, MVP once, and shares a spot in the Hall of Fame with his father. The father, son combo even had the chance to play together for the Seattle Mariners in 1990, and even hit back-to-back homers in a game.
2.) Barry Bonds Sr. & Jr.
It must have been quite a site for Bobby Bonds see his son Barry Bonds pass himself on the All-time homerun list, and then go on to pass everyone on the list. The hard-hitting Bonds family have left behind a legacy in San Francisco as both dawned a Giants uniform and lived up to the hype. Barry Bonds became the all-time homerun leader with 729.
3.) Cal Ripken Sr. & Jr.
The Hall of Fame has a special spot for both Cal Ripken Sr. & Jr. as they played the game with a unique style. The man of a thousand stances, Cal Ripken Jr. would become Rookie of the Year, 19x All-Star and even had the chance to play under his father as a manger.