Curran: From Chips to Cards, This Ace is Headed to the Majors

The most revered day for an athlete has become a reality for right-handed pitcher Michael Brettell. Surrounded by his family and friends, Brettell received a phone call around 1 p.m. from the St. Louis Cardinals informing him he would be their 15th round selection in the 2018 MLB Draft. Spending his collegiate career playing for the Central Michigan Chippewas, Brettell had showed potential that left scouts unperturbed in making him an MLB prospect.

“I just knew I had to take it one day at a time, there was good days and bad days but I just had to keep pushing myself to get better each and every day, “said Brettell. This is exactly what the Ontario native did in his career at CMU. In 2018, he made 23 appearances with the Chippewas. He led his team in opponents’ batting avg. at just .229, fourth in strikeouts (43) and finished the season with a 4.26 ERA. Just last week, had Brettell at the #1 overall prospect in Michigan.

He caught the eyes of many MLB scouts and questions loomed over where he would end up in the draft. All but two teams reached out to him in the process. But Brettell never doubted his time would come.

“I never doubted it, it was always my goal to get drafted. I knew I put all my effort in to getting to this moment right now, I know the work is just beginning getting to the next level.”

Right now, the Cardinals have the 12th best farm system in the majors according to a report from the MiLB, and Brettell can’t wait to help build on that system. Though it is unclear yet what the next step in the process is for the summer, his expectations of the Cardinals organization are held high.

“I expect to be with a really good ball club, a good farm league system to work through. I’m excited to see where they put me.”

Brettell’s character has built for him an admirable fan base and amidst losing his sister in a tragic accident in college, Brettell has remained strong in his faith. He has chased his dreams and his message to the youth chasing theirs, “never give up and always keep working.”

Most likely for Brettell, Spring Training in 2019 will position him among some of the best arms in baseball with elite pitchers like Adam Wainwright, Michael Wacha, Brett Cecil, Carlos Martinez and newcomer Jordan Hicks, who hit 105 m.p.h. twice already this season. Showing the signs of progress he made at CMU this can only be a learning experience for him and a step towards the next level.

The Cardinals were once dubbed the ‘St. Louis Perfectos’ reflecting the organization as a whole on and off the field, as they were the ones who did it right. With this selection in the MLB draft, it has all the charisma of showing that they didn’t fall short of the name. In hopes the Cardinals played their ‘cards’ right, now begins the journey to the show for Brettell.