Zimmerman Reflects on Coaching Career

FRANKFORT – After 30 years with Frankfort’s baseball program, including the last 24 as head coach, Mike Zimmerman coached his final game on June 9 in a 7-5 loss to Breckenridge.

Through the years of coaching, Zimmerman stumbled into some unique situations, like with the Kelly family, where Zimmerman coached Dan Kelly in his first season and coached Kelly’s son, Griffin, in his final campaign.

“It kind of shocked me, I mean it happens when you stick around and the numbers add up and the relationships add up,” Zimmerman said. “You don’t really go into it planning on those things but they just kind of evolve from the time that you’re here.”

“It’s kind of cool, because going in with Zimm coaching us, my dad always told me he’s an awesome coach and always listen to everything he says because he’s really knowledgeable and I did and I’ve just had a blast over the years,” added Griffin Kelly.

The more than 500 wins aside, Zimmerman is leaving his coaching post behind knowing he taught his athletes well and instilled in them a love for the game.

“He was a great coach for me and I’m glad my son played for him,” Dan Kelly said. “I love baseball and he loved baseball and that was just a bonus having him be the coach. He just loved the game and loved the guys and he was a great coach.”

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