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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 11

If you watched last week’s segment you know the vegetable garden is in great shape! So this week we’re moving on to the flower garden where most of our flowers are in good shape.

The colors look nice but a few plants are not doing their best.  A couple things you can do to help them out is number one. Remove old blooms, if they are dead cut them off. Number two: Use bloom blaster.  The blaster has a good concentration of phosphorus is help push the blooms.  The combination of water, sun and fertilizer will make the difference.  If you don’t want to use the liquid you can use healthy garden to help push the blooms out.

The garden is nice but I would like to see more color, especially more purple!  After adding the bloom blaster, we should see a difference in a week or two.

This year we planted vegetables, flowers and a fruit tree. That’s where you’ll catch me next week, checking on the apple tree.



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