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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 12

This week we are out at our apple tree we planted more than a month ago. I was just out at it not long ago and it was in great shape, nice and green and healthy.

But, that’s not the story today. Rose Chafer bugs are all over it, devouring leaves! This is a major problem and our first thing to address.

Justin with says we need to spray on Japanese beetle killer to get rid of them.  That’s something we can buy and apply later today. That’s good news, but there’s still a lot of damage to the tree.

We spray on Fruit Blaster to help the tree through this distressed time. It should help strengthen its roots and boost its immune system.

We’ll spray the tree with beetle killer later, and then just wait and see what happens.

Next week, we will have Joel from Morgan Composting to help answer questions you have.

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