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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 15

The garden has grown into a jungle and is just incredible. Last week, we showed you the broccoli, carrots pepper and lettuce. This week we are looking at green beans, bell peppers and tomato plants.

We are in mid-summer heat and everything is flourishing. Our bell peppers are perfect and are already harvesting a couple. The plants are in great shape, producing a lot of peppers. 

I’ve done a lot work on the plants the last few weeks, clearing things out so other plants can grow. The green beans have some yellow leaves, but are still producing beans. I can say that just last week the plants were shadowed by the tomato plants so they received limited sunlight for a little while. That made a difference, so we’ll see how much more they will grow in the coming weeks. Justin with noted they might need some veggie blaster to help them along. I plan on doing that this week.

Our tomato plants are growing like crazy and look like trees! I’ll need a large stake so I can let get them to grow a little more and then cut them off. It’s hard to believe how much I pruned just the other day and how much has filled back in! Key thing is NOT be afraid to cut back the vines, this allows the plants energy to go into the tomatoes and not growing more! I think we are going to a have a great season for these cherry tomatoes.

Next week is a look into our very large zucchini plants! Tune in and check them out.

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