Breaking The Mold: Northern Michigan Women Coaching Boys’ Sports

It’s not something you usually see: a woman on the sidelines or in the dugout coaching a boys sport.

Former WNBA superstar Becky Hammon, is leading the charge of women coaching mens’ sports after she was just recently promoted to San Antonio Spurs’ head coach Gregg Popovich’s first assistant.

There are a few women in northern Michigan who are making similar moves.

Recently retired Brenda Seguin coached the boy’s soccer team at Hart High School for 3 years.

“And they said ‘oh no it’s the boys’ and I said what’s the difference? You’re coaching, that’s all that matters because you’re out there and you’re coaching and you’re giving back to your school,” said Seguin of when she asked some of her girls’ players to help out.

“The boys have a different mentality when it comes to sports,” added Seguin.

Another example is Julie Riggs.

Riggs is heading into her second season as the head coach for Brethren baseball. She says she would love to face other women in the opposite dugout.

“It would be awesome. It’s all there for the kids, I mean it’s not a man vs. woman sports arena, we’re there to help the boys learn how to be men, learn the game of baseball, and take it on further and become little league coaches and dads of kids that play on. And you know, that’s what we’re trying to teach the boys, this is everybody’s world, this is everybody’s sport,” said Riggs.

Both these coaches hope they are setting an example for others.

“I hope by stepping forward and having the administration take a chance on me, you know, it’s a big deal having a female for a boys sport the way it is, but men coach all sports. I mean, there’s no ‘oh my gosh he’s coaching softball?’ That’s not a problem. And so, having women step up and use their talents and knowledge just makes the game all that more interesting.”

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