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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 16

If you’ve been watching the shows the last few weeks you know the zucchini are doing great! We’ve harvested more than 20 pounds of Zucchini with a good mix of small and large ones, but there is a problem developing.

Powdery mildew is growing on the leaves and they are hurting some of the plants. The leaves are covered in white and a few are dying off.  Justin Morgan from says this needs to be addressed as it spreads quickly.

My options are to spray or just remove the plant before it creates more problems for the other zucchini plants.  Odds are, I’ll removing the plant as we have enough zucchini at this point. 

Our tomatoes are looking good, and I’ve had to add in a stake to keep the vines up. I’ve trimmed a lot and just need to wait until they ripen up.

The flowers have really taken off! About a month ago, they doing well but thought they could do more. We sprayed Bloom Blaster and they just filled in. There are spots where I removed a plant and you can’t tell. Justin said the kelp and liquid carbon in the Bloom Blaster really helped. You can’t complain on how they look!

All three beds are in great shape, with just a small issue with the zucchini. Next week, we head over to the food plot and get it ready for the deer this fall. Hunters will want to pay attention!

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