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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 17

The last few weeks we’ve gone over the vegetables and flowers, but now it’s time to move on to other things, such as the food plot! We talked about it a few weeks ago, picking out a place and figuring out what we needed to do.

So we have this open area, near trees but not in a large area, something simple to put in a small plot. The key things needed was to spread out lime, reducing the acidity of the soil, and add Food Plot Doo! After spreading them over the area, I went in and rototilled the whole area. This way everything is mixed well into the soil. The Food Plot Doo has hamates and other ingredients to help build soil. This is really needed due to the sandy soil across much of Northern Michigan.

Justin with brought in a nice clover mix as well as some alfalfa for the food plot. 

We plant everything knowing the clovers will come back next year. So the deer find the food this fall and return for more next year.

Putting down the seed is really easy, we used a hand spreader then covered the seed with a light coating of dirt.

We expect the plot to look incredible in just a few months.

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