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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 18

Welcome back Northern Michigan! We are at Heritage House with Justin Morgan from talking about lawn care, and the lawn is looking good – nice and green. There’s some crab grass, but we’ll take it considering how green it is.

So it’s time to feed the lawn, what can we do? Justin says Safe Green Lawn is a great option. It’s organic with no phosphorus. It’s a combination of Dairy Doo and Hamates, a true carbon-based product. That carbon helps stick the fertilizer to our sandy soil.

It’s not like the typical fertilizer you buy in the store which is salt based.  The key thing is this stuff sticks to the soil and plants on top of and in the ground. 

Another version is Turf Blaster, again, this doesn’t have phosphorus in it and a brown product. So, it has liquid carbon and you see results a lot quicker than the Safe Green Lawn. Justin says if you are looking at long term care, go with Safe Green Lawn because it’s in solid form.

If you want to fix spots in the short term, Turf Blaster works well, and don’t forget to water your lawn! It’s been a warm and dry summer and watering has been very important… keep it up for a few more weeks!

Next week, we are back in the garden looking at how much it’s grown this year.

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