Cadillac Area Hockey Association Honored

CADILLAC – The Cadillac Area Hockey Association was named Michigan Amateur Hockey Association of the Year.

This award is presented each summer at a meeting for all the associations in Michigan.

The basis of the award is to emphasize the growth of hockey, especially in children ages eight and under.

Each October, CAHA puts on an event where kids can try hockey for free, and for the last two years, they’ve had the most participants in the state of Michigan.

Sixty-four kids came in 2016 and 62 in 2017.

CAHA continues to grow, going from 77 kids four years ago to 152 participants in the organization last year.

“I’m honored to be part of this. Seeing the community come together as a group of people and putting all the work in that they have done to make this happen, I’m honored to be part of that,” says Jason Owens, CAHA’s President.


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