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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 21

All the recent rain has made the grass really pop up over the last seven days!

Time to cut it once again for now. Fall is in the air and soon mowing the lawn will be over.

But you need to get the lawn ready for fall. Leaves are getting ready to fall and odds are you have grass clippings just laying out on the lawn. 

Justin with says the best thing to do is to grab those leaves and grass clippings and mulch them into the lawn. Spread them out as much as possible so there’s not too much in one area, and then put down a layer of Dairy Doo.

The Dairy Doo will help break down the grass and leaves, making food for the lawn in the spring.

Justin says there are billions of microbial activities in just a teaspoon of high quality compost. So, the Doo in the spreader has a lot of power to break down the organic material and make it usable for the soil to take in and the grass to use. The process takes time, so you do this now so the lawn has food in the spring.

Over seeding is the next step, so once the Dairy Doo is down you put grass seed over it to help fill in the holes. The fall rains are great for the new grass.

Now, putting down Dairy Doo isn’t like most fertilizer because it comes in different size chunks. A normal spreader doesn’t work. You need to rent a special spreader, do it yourself with a wheelbarrow and shovel or hire a local landscaper to spread it for you. Not matter how it goes down, remember you won’t see immediate results: this is long term help. It’s building up organic matter so the soil will hold more moisture and nutrients. That way in dry years it doesn’t suffer and your lawn stays green.

With fall right around the corner and the garden is winding down, over the next two weeks you’ll learn how to get it ready for winter and prepare things for next year.

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