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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 22

Fall is certainly in the air, and it’s about that time of year to shut down the garden.

Some of you will hold off for a few weeks longer, but cold air is coming and you need to be prepared.

This year’s garden flourished with almost 150 pounds of vegetables donated to the local food bank! 

The process of getting the beds ready for the winter months is fairly simple.  First, harvest what you can! Even take off the green tomatoes and let them ripen inside the house.

Next, remove all the plants from the beds – just rip them out!  Don’t worry about every single leaf or smashed tomato, you can leave them.  The reason is we are adding 1 bag of and some Healthy Garden, then mixing them into the beds.

Throughout the fall and winter, the leftover organic matter will break down, becoming nutrients for next year’s plants. So there is value in the beds even if you don’t see it happening!

That’s it. Next year all we have to do is add 1 bag of Pro Vegetable 301 and plant.  Pretty simple!

As for the plants we ripped out, we are keeping them and starting a compost pile. So, for those of you wanting to learn more about composting, tune in to next Tuesday’s segment.

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