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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 23

This is our last week of What’s Growing with Tom.  Last week we closed up the garden for the season. We pulled out our plants to start up our compost pile.

Now, some of you don’t know what composting is. It’s a natural way Mother Nature breaks down organic material so it can be used in the future.  The result are nutrients for your soil!

First thing is to find a spot you like to compost. Ideally, it’s not too far away from your lawn or garden. We chose a spot right next to our food plot. You can find compost bins online or make one out of old pallets.

There are multiple options and we are going with the simplest.  We start with putting down a layer of plants, grass, etc., then a layer of . 

We do the same process, a layer of organic material then a layer of Dairy Doo, over and over again until we are out of plants. Finishing with a solid layer of Dairy Doo.

In order to keep the process working, we’ll need to turn over the compost pile in a month or so. That way it’s breathing, getting oxygen so the organic material can break down. As it breaks down, you will get some heat. If it’s a big enough pile, it can reach over 100 degrees!

You can add anything from the house that’s compostable, just make sure to add some Dairy Doo and aerate and rotate the pile.

Over time, with enough rotating and mixing, the pile will be ready to spread back onto your lawn, garden, plants or trees.

Our segments are done for the season, but we’ll have updates on the compost pile and food plot later this year.

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