Clare’s Sersaw Starring on the Gridiron, Playing for Late Father

CLARE – It’s time for district championship Friday across the state as teams look to capture some hardware this football season.

One of those teams, the Clare Pioneers will take on the Reed City Coyotes.

The Pioneers have been fueled all season by a stellar offensive attack led by senior Brenden Sersaw.

Clare Senior Brenden Sersaw is having a senior season that can only be described as unforgettable, 1,200 yards of offense and 23 touchdowns and the only four-year starter in Pioneers history and he’s doing it all in lockstep with his father.

“Throughout my whole year, striving for greatness, all that kind of stuff, everything I do in school, any sports not just football it’s for him and I wish he could be here,” Sersaw said.

Brenden barely got the chance to know his father before ALS claimed his life.

As Brenden blazes across the field during his senior year, he’s doing it wearing cleats bearing the date of his father’s passing.

“Everything I do is for my father, and this is a moment for him, this year that I’ve wanted him to know that this is my last year of high school football, and give everything I have for him,” he said.

And Brenden’s father has never been far away for his four year varsity career, because of a promise he made, right before he died. A promise to put up green and white balloons along the road leading to the stadium before home games a promise Brenden’s family and neighbors have kept.

“It was one of the last times I actually got to talk to him, before he passed away, it’s one of the main things he said. He said once you’re on varsity one day I’m going to do this for you,” Sersaw said.

A reminder that those we love the most are never far away, especially in our biggest moments, on the biggest stage.

“Every time I see those balloons, it just makes me smile,” Sersaw said.


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