Leland Takes Home First State Title

COMSTOCK PARK – All the work the Leland Comets put in since the beginning of the season was put to the test Saturday afternoon in their first ever state title matchup.

The Comets were taking on the Gryphons of Ann Arbor Greenhills, the defending state champion.

Jesus Calderon-Balcazar scored the first and only goal of the game in the first seven minutes. After that, it was a defensive battle until the end.

Leland won 1-0, making it their 17th shutout of the season and their first ever state title for boy’s soccer.

“We’ve been in the high end of the rankings the last couple years but this has been getting over that hump. We finally got over that hump. Like I said, they’re going to know us now, branding I like that, we got the Leland brand out there now. The rest of the state is going to see us down south, south east, they are going to know who that little school is up in the little peninsula,” said head coach Joe Burda.

The Comets end their season 24-1-2 and will graduate 8 seniors.

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