Power Made Perfect in Weakness: The Story of Shaquem Griffin

The Detroit Lions were defeated by the Seattle Seahawks but if there were anything to take away from the game as a fan, it was in the pregame.

A touching moment shared in warmups between a young Lions fan and Seahawks linebacker Shaquem Griffin instilled hope for a young fan.

Griffin had seen a fan with a similar condition to his and made sure he left that game knowing there is always a chance, even when people say there isn’t one.

If you don’t know Shaquem Griffin, his route to the NFL was as difficult as it gets.

Griffin was born with one hand after a rare condition in the womb stopped the development of his left wrist.

But his development would grow in other areas and so would his dreams of one day playing in the NFL.

He and his twin brother, Shaquill Griffin, fell in love with the game at a young age.

They worked together, laughed together, enjoyed each other’s company so much that they dreamed of playing in the NFL on the same team.

This past NFL Draft, that dream became a reality as he joined his brother Shaquill Griffin on the Seattle Seahawks.

Now, he becomes a testimony to anyone who feels a stumbling block is preventing them from achieving their goals.

He continues to encourage youth who may face similar hardships, like this young Seahawks fan.

Teams passed on Shaquem in the draft and in his life he was always overlooked or looked down upon.

He even recalls a time when a coach asked him to be disqualified because “football was a game for people with two hands.”

But he only imposed his will and worked harder to prove people they were wrong.

Now he stands alongside his brother continuing his story of faith and perseverance.

The game on Sunday ended on an interception thrown by Matthew Stafford that Lions fans realized there is no hope of winning the game.

But one Lions fan realized there is much hope yet to come.