Roscommon, Lake City Meet With Semifinal Bid Up For Grabs

LAKE CITY – Roscommon and Lake City haven’t played each other since 2010, but Friday night they’ll be facing off for the regional championship.

Roscommon is off to their best season since 2006 and it means more after having a 3-6 last year.

“It’s pretty exciting especially after the season we had last year, we had kind of a rough season so to be able to bounce back… it’s been a good time,” said Bucks senior Dane Spitz.

“It’s something Roscommon hasn’t been able to do since 2006 is play in a regional, so we’re pretty proud to make it here,” added senior James Herrick.

They will be travelling to Lake City, who is still holds a perfect record heading into game 12. They were in this exact same position last year, and took home the regional title. This season, they hope to say they’re back-to-back champions.

“It’s definitely pressure to go you know at least as far as we did last year and obviously the hope is to make it all the way this year,” said Lake City senior, Michael Grieb.

“We just want to go in there and play our game, but we can’t look past Roscommon of course,” added senior Matthew Holt.

Their regional title game is at 7 p.m. Friday at Lake City.


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