Farwell Wrestling Returns After Absence

FARWELL – During the 2017-2018 season, the Farwell wrestling team was nonexistent, a disappointment after winning three straight district titles the years prior.

This was due to not being able to fill the coaching position that was left vacant after Ty Lentovich resigned from his head coaching position.

When newly named athletic director, Michael Groulx came to the school in August, he knew that the team needed to be able to compete this year.

“I heard from them how big it is to the community so my goal is to create opportunities and try to find a way to bring wrestling back,” said Groulx.

After trying for a few months, a break through in the search finally happened.

“Nobody was applying, nobody was applying and then boom somebody reached out to me. Markus contacted me himself and said hey I would love to come back to Farwell and help and give back to a program who gave me so much as a youth,” added Groulx.

Markus Wilkes wrestled at Farwell from 2002-2006, and jumped at the opportunity to come back and help get the program going again.

“It was a bigger purpose, I came back because there was a sense of community here when I grew up you know, we’d go to wrestling meets and you’d have the parents show up and do potlucks, things like that and everyone knew everyone. It kind of helped me out in life and made me go from somewhere I don’t know where I would’ve ended up with peer pressure and all that stuff to being an individual. It prepared me for that future,” said Wilkes.

Wilkes is back and helping the students on the team have the same opportunities that he did.

“Last year I really missed it so it’s really good to get back on the mat again. I’m thankful he came back and wanted to coach us,” said senior Jaylen Thrush.

The Eagles are back in action on Dec. 8.

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