Greenville Man Catches Taylor Decker’s 1st Touchdown Ball

It was a moment Greenville’s Bill Zerbst won’t soon forget.

With a little more than three minutes remaining in the third quarter of Sunday’s Detroit Lions game against the Los Angeles Rams at Ford Field, Zerbst caught a ball launched in the stands by Lions left tackle Taylor Decker. Decker, a 2016 first-round draft pick out of Ohio State, had just scored his first-ever touchdown at any level of football.

“Having some chicken tenders with my wife and friends and all of the sudden, this football’s flying at my face,” Zerbst told WOOD TV8. “I got a beer in my left hand. I tip the ball with my right hand (and) cover that up for dear life. How rare is it to catch an NFL football? Being thrown by an offensive lineman? Ridiculous.”

Following the conclusion of Sunday’s game, Decker explained the significance of the ball to reporters. He then took to social media, inquiring about the ball’s return.

Zerbst, who was attending the game with his wife and family for his birthday, says friends encouraged him to reach out to Decker on Twitter.

“I wake up this morning and I got a message from Taylor Decker and it just hit me like a freight train,” he said.

Zerbst says that he will return the ball to Decker and that the two have worked out a deal.

(Video courtesy WOOD TV8)