Bear Lake’s Sam Mullet Receives Opportunity with NFL Forum

BEAR LAKE – A northern Michigan native received a special opportunity.

Bear Lake’s Sam Mullet accepted an invitation to the NFL Women’s Careers in Football Forum.

Mullet is the offensive coordinator at Bear Lake High School.

The forum brings coaches and executives in the football industry together.

The goal is to expose up and coming women in the field, and to give them the opportunity to explore different career paths.

In November 2018, we brought you a story about Mullet being one of few female offensive coordinators in the state of Michigan.

That story later ended up on the desk of Venessa Hutchinson.

Hutchinson is the senior manager of football development for the NFL.

Hutchinson then called Bear Lake’s Athletic Department and asked to get in touch with Mullet.

Mullet applied to attend the forum, and ended up being one of 40 applicants accepted.

“It’s super competitive,” says Mullet, “I had my fingers crossed during the waiting period and then I got the email that said I was in. I thought that was a really cool and exciting opportunity.”

Mullet is looking forward to learning more about the smaller details in the NFL.

She says, “Learning some of that behind the scenes stuff that happens because we all see what happens on Sundays because it’s televised. I like seeing what happens behind the scenes. What are the things going into a whole week of practice and a whole week of watching film?”

The Women’s Careers in Football Forum is Feb. 26-27 in Indianapolis, Ind.

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