Boyne City’s Hauger Takes Family Passion To New Heights

BOYNE CITY – Snocross is not your average sport for a high school girl, but for Boyne City sophomore Inanna Hauger, it’s her passion.

Hauger has been racing since she was 5 years old, and now she’s ranked 4th in the nation in the women’s pro division.

“Once you’re here, you just want to keep building to get better and better everyday,” said Inanna Hauger.

She’s gotten to race all over the country, and she gets to do it with her dad by her side.

“It makes me so proud, it’s a great thing,” said her dad, Joe Hauger.

Joe Hauger used to race himself, until a family tragedy took him away from the sport.

“Nine years ago, we were actually leaving a race in Cadillac,” said Joe Hauger. “And my wife Carrie was killed in a car accident, she had 3 of the 4 children with her, Inanna was in the car with her. So I raced the rest of that year, I finished the year out. And in the back of my mind, I just kept saying, what if, what if I get hurt? Who’s going to be there for the kids?”

He said he had to make a big decision and retired for the sake of his family. A light in this is passing the love for the sport down to his kids.

“Inanna’s taking it farther than any of us ever did,” said Joe Hauger.

Inanna’s success has gives the family a passion to share and another way to keep her mom Carrie’s memory alive.

“We spend a lot of time together and it means a lot to have him at the races with me helping me out,” said Inanna Hauger.

“I feel her mother smiling down from heaven and Carrie loved this sport so much,and I see so much of Carrie in Inanna, and she would be here just absolutely loving this right now,” said Joe Hauger.

The Hauger’s are currently racing in New York this weekend.