Cadillac Shows Ultimate Sportsmanship in Win Over Essexville Garber

ESSEXVILLE – It was the ultimate display of sportsmanship by the Cadillac boys basketball team during Tuesday’s 67-63 road win over Essexville Garber.

The Vikings teamed up with the Dukes on senior night to allow senior Ryan Piotrowski, who had suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during the soccer season, to make an uncontested layup – the first points of the game and the only two of Piotrowski’s season.

The Vikings found out about Piotrowski’s situation prior to the game and knew they had to do something.

“Ultimately, it was bigger than basketball the other night. And that was more important than winning or losing that game,” Cadillac senior and team captain Charlie Runstrom said. “We just kind of talked and said how hard it would be to do that. We’ve all missed a game before and just missing one game is extremely hard and we really felt for him and wanted him to get his moment on senior night.”

Video of the moment has received more than 1,600 views so far on Twitter.

“Everyone hates missing games,” Cadillac junior Tipp Baker said. “He’s a competitor just like everyone else and it was his last home basketball game of the season, it was something really special and we wanted to make a great memory.”

Cadillac closes out its regular season Friday at Gaylord.

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