Frankfort Freshmen Reflect on State Finals

FRANKFORT – The Frankfort boys basketball team made history last weekend, becoming the first team to play in the state finals.

It was a hard-fought battle by the Panthers, who went on to fall to Southfield Christian 63-39, but the game was not without it’s bright spots.

The most talked about one was having their players on the bench get their chance to play, including three freshmen: Blake Miller, Adam Mills and Griffin Anderson.

All three played their hearts out and put on quite the show for the crowd at the Breslin Center.

“We were all smiling at each other. We really wanted this moment, and we made the best of it,” said Anderson.

The one who put his name on the map was guard Blake Miller, who ended the game with seven points, making him the second highest scorer on the team. One of those baskets being a three-pointer, which got everyone on their feet.

“Mr. Loney came over and I can just hear him from the back of the court, ‘hit it’. He’s whispering in my ear and I was like ‘alright’ and I just shot it and I made it and I was super excited,” said Miller. “I can’t imagine what my face looked like but I was smiling down the court like crazy.”

The Panthers may not have won the game, but the memories that were made will be ones they talk about for the rest of their lives. Plus, it gives these freshmen and the other underclassmen a goal to work towards.

“I definitely think we’ll make it again,” said Mills. “We’ve been playing together since open gym in sixth grade, fifth grade, 3-on-3’s, battling back and forth at the fitness center, so we definitely have a big chance to go.”

Frankfort ended their season 21-6 and will graduate six seniors.

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