Traverse City Pit Spitters Looking For Host Families

TRAVERSE CITY – Before we know it, baseball will be returning to the Cherry Capital, and that brings a whole new group of players to northern Michigan.

With these players coming to the area, they will need a place to stay, which means the Pit Spitters are looking for host families.

To be a host family, you have to provide the player or players with a safe and clean place to live.

For hosts like Jan Curtice, they go above and beyond.

“I guess I was one of the unusual ones and I would do their laundry,” said Curtice. “And as I learned sometimes that was a good thing, because their schedules are such that they really don’t stop and think about that they need clean clothes for the next road trip. So it worked out well.”

Curtice and her family have been housing players since 2003 and has kept great relationships with all of them who have came through.

“We’ve stayed in touch with all of our players,” said Curtice. “I hear from them periodically. We’ve been to weddings, we’ve visited their homes, we’ve met their families, and it’s just been really fun. I’m really glad we did it.”

Many families that hosted for the Beach Bums are continuing with the Pit Spitters, but they still are in need of more hosts, something Curtice encourages anyone who has the ability to do.

“Do it, just do it. I mean if you start out and it’s not working out for you, you can always stop but if you don’t take a chance on it, it’s an opportunity and something you’re going to miss out on,” she said.

To look over an application to be a host family, click here.

Some perks for housing a player include one full season ticket for every member of the family that lives in the house, parking at the ballpark, a 25% merchandise discount, free access to the Northwoods TV broadcast, and an invite to the meet the players party and the family Funday.

You can also contact Pit Spitters Manager of Promotions and Community Engagement, Britani Eaton by email at


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