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What’s Growing With Tom: Start of the 2019 Growing Season

Welcome back, Northern Michigan! Justin Morgan from is joining up with us for another growing season.

Last fall, we made a mulch pile and threw all our leftovers into it and set it up. It’s not ready to use in the garden, but it’s coming along.

Jason says we can’t put in undigested carbon into the garden. That means we are going to put in some Dairy Doo instead. 

The Doo is thermophilic compost, meaning it’s had a lot heat and burned off the bad seeds and things you don’t want in your soil.

Morgan Composting has several different options to choose from, depending on your needs. Whether it be your lawn, flowers, garden, food plot or trees and shrubs, they have an option to help you out.

Last year we used Veggie Doo in our raised beds. It has 17 different ingredients in there, it has kelp in there for plant health. It has Dairy Doo in there, worm castings etc. So that’s a really nice product, we put a ton of minerals in there because we want that tomatoes to taste like great grandpa’s tomatoes, that flavor, not skin wrapped in water.

And this is great for the vegetables, the flowers and we did put in that food plot last year and it looked great. It came out great and our trail camera got great pictures of the does and bucks.

We can’t complain and hopefully we’ll get that going again this year, because hunters want to know about this stuff.

Next week and the coming weeks we’ll talk about building up the garden, getting the flowers going, getting the lawn going. It’s going to take some time but that all starts back at Heritage House.

We’ve got an exciting 2019!

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