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What’s Growing With Tom: Fixing Your Lawn

Things are not warm enough to plant, but there are things we can do around the yard to get ready for summer.

The lawn is a great start as most lawn have holes, rough brown patches or just ripped up grass!

Justin Morgan from says using their Top Soil Blend and grass seed is perfect to fix things up.

Fill up the hole and cover with seed. You can cover with a mulch if you want to, then just let it grow. 

We don’t use Dairy Doo because it’s too strong in any one spot.  Use the Top Soil Blend seed and water and hope for some warmth.

But the rest of the lawn could use some help. There are brown patches here and there.

Justin says this is perfect for Dairy Doo. Grab a bag and spread it out using a lawn rake. Make sure it’s only about 1/8” deep, so keep it thin. One bag covers about 100 sq. feet.

This helps bring up the organic matter, the microbiology, of the lawn, especially sandy lawns, building it for the long-term. It even helps with clay, since it breaks down the plates allowing the nutrients to spread into the ground.

If you have a large lawn, you can use your truck and buy in bulk from one of their retailers. Just remember not to put too much down, just a thin layer. It’s a great short-term and long-term amendment to the soil.

The lawn is coming along we are getting a little more greenery out there, but we are hoping for a whole lot more in the coming weeks.

We are talking raised beds next week!

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