Buckley-Mesick Co-op Celebrates First Year as Varsity Soccer Team

BUCKLEY – There is a first time for everything and for Buckley, the Bears officially have a varsity girls soccer program.

If girls wanted to play soccer for Buckley before 2018, they had to play on the boys team, which is celebrating its 50th season.

Last year they got a club team, but still did not have varsity status.

“We were a team, but we were not eligible for tournaments or anything. We kind of just played whoever we could get. We just wanted to get games in,” said Rachel Wienclaw, a senior at Mesick.

“Coming all the way from the boys’ team up, it was hard, There were multiple times I didn’t want to play anymore. I just wanted to play travel soccer with the girls. It was not worth it and now since the idea came up for the girls’ team, I put the work in,” said Cameryn Ensor, a senior at Buckley.

In 2019, the Bears took the next step, earning MHSAA sponsorship and formed a co-op with Mesick.

“The school board at Buckley and at Mesick have been outstanding supporters, but then with smaller Class 4 schools, budgets are a big deal. Between selling concessions and talking to sponsors, the girls did the leg work with some parents and it has been awesome. They raised a lot of money to make it happen,” said head coach John Vermilya.

Throughout this season, the Bears are keeping a special word in mind: overcome.

“That is our word for the year. We overcame people telling us there was not going to be a team. We overcame people who doubted us and now look at us. We are on the field. We are playing,” said Ensor.

Buckley (0-2) hosts Benzie Central on Wednesday.

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