Fedorov Brings Major Upgrades to Petoskey Ice Arena

PETOSKEY – The Petoskey Ice Arena is in new hands. Fedor Fedorov, who once played in the NHL, bought the rink in December.

It is now home to the Fedorov Hockey Academy as Fedorov and his team have made some major upgrades.

The retired professional hockey player got some feedback and is making changes he believes are best for people coming to use the rink.

For example, he added a girls locker room. He also added a locker room for referees, where they can shower and change before leaving the rink.

Fedorov additionally expanded the arena to add a pro shop, a lounge and a full gym.

To keep the ice in tiptop shape, there is now a dehumidifier for the building and an electrical zamboni. That means less money will go toward fuel and the skaters and fans will not have to smell it in the air.

“I see that there is a lot of kids that want to play hockey. It is good to see. Gets me motivated. Gets me excited. This is the only rink in town. It has to survive past me. We are prepping this rink to be around for a very long time,” said Fedorov.

Fedorov added that the renovations are about two months ahead of schedule. The Petoskey Ice Arena is scheduled to open back up July 2019.

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