Michigan State’s McQuaid, Goins Visit Manton Consolidated Schools

MANTON – Two former Michigan State basketball players made the trip to Northern Michigan Monday.

Matt McQuaid and Kenny Goins hosted a free basketball camp at Manton Consolidated Schools.

The Spartans are coming off a successful season where they made it to the NCAA Final Four.

Middle school students gathered in the gym Monday morning for an assembly where the Spartans shared life lessons that had a positive impact on many students.

“It was really cool that they said they learn from their mistakes and not really take it hard. They are saying it is not a big deal. It is okay I made that mistake. Try not to do it next time,” said Reganne Stahl, a sixth grader.

The pair talked about a variety of topics, including academics and determination, then they answered several questions.

“This is a great school. This is just a great opportunity for us to give back and reach out to kids and share stories that we have with them and what we have been through,” said McQuaid.

“Just being able to be in this spot to give back to kids and hopefully give them what we now wish we had back in the day, so we are both honored to be out here. It is really nice seeing Northern Michigan,” added Goins.