Petoskey Curling Club Welcomes 2018 USA Olympic Gold Medalist

PETOSKEY – The Petoskey Curling Club gathered at Beards Brewery Wednesday night.

They want to raise awareness about their sport and, in doing so, they invited a special guest.

Tyler George was on the 2018 USA Olympic Gold Medal Curling team.

Since the games, he took on the role as ambassador with USA Curling.

This allows him to travel around the country to do appearances, but he says the best part is watching the sport grow.

“Seeing the numbers of the club members in the US growing, besides the clubs popping up in unexpected places, that is as much the dream as is winning a gold medal because you want to see your sport turn into something different in your country,” said George.

“Just to be able to meet these people and shake their hands is fantastic. They really have a passion for curling,” added Ben Walker, the president of the Petoskey Curling Club.

The Petoskey Curling Club began in 2014.